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The Coming of the Kinsman Redeemer

December 22, 2013 Preacher: Eric Douma

Scripture: Ruth 2:1–4:17

In this topical message we examine how Jesus is our great redeemer who came to purchase the people of God back from their lost state. We also see that the Old Testament is replete with both prophecies and types that prove Jesus is the Son of God. One such type that we examine is found in the book of Ruth. The concept of the kinsman-redeemer is played out throughout the book of Ruth as Boaz redeemed both a Jew and a Gentile by fulfilling his role as the "goel" (redeemer) of Naomi's family. This great work of redemption, as we will see, is a mere foreshadowing of the great work of redemption that the ultimate kinsman-redeemer would one day perform!

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