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Jesus' Eternal Kingdom: We Must Listen to Him

April 1, 2018 Speaker: Bob DeWaay

Scripture: John -

We survey important passages in John’s gospel where Jesus interacts with His Jewish critics and testifies about the truth. They claimed to be followers of Moses, yet in Deuteronomy 18:15-19 Moses predicted a future Prophet who would speak for God and must be listened to. That Prophet is Jesus but they refused to listen to Him. In John 6 we see Jesus provided bread which reminds the Jews of Moses providing bread. The irony is that when the bread was provided in the wilderness their forefathers grumbled and when Jesus told them about the true bread from heaven that He provides they also grumble. The lesson to learn is that fallen sinners demand that God provides for them on their terms while refusing to come to God on His terms. To be saved we must repent and come to God through His Messiah by faith. We discuss the fact that in John we are presented objective evidence about Christ and are challenged to believe because of this evidence. The prophesy about Messiah in Isaiah 11:1-4a shows that He knows the very motives of the heart. We see from Jeremiah 17 that the heart is evil and deceitful. God knows the heart which should make it plain to us how badly we need forgiveness through Christ. We need to believe and trust Christ who is the truth and speaks the truth.

Class slides and handout are available under the Downloads tab.