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''The third day'': The Earth, Seas, and Vegetation

May 7, 2014 Series: Genesis

Scripture: Genesis 1:9-13

In this lesson we compare the true, biblical account of creation with an ancient, mythological account called Enuma Elish or Epic of Creation. We then turn our focus to day 3, which is divided into two parts. The first part includes the creation of the earth and the seas (Gen 1:9-10), while the second part includes the creation of vegetation (Gen 1:11-13). We see, among other things, that God sovereignly rules over his creation, assigning everything its own particular place, function, and order in his economy of creation. With the conclusion of day 3, God's creation is no longer completely barren, dark, and watery (cf. Gen 1:2) but is ready to be inhabited.